Article 1 - Definitions:

The web site is made available on internet at the address: https://www.codertel.com


Code(s): the Code(s) proposed through the digital platform and that could be used by the customer for a product (the "content") or for a service associated with a partner and giving right to the delivery of the product in question (content) or to the provision of the service by the partner

User -any person using one of the features of the website and/or who created an account on the website.

Buyer user -any natural person or legal person purchasing products through the Website.

Order -the transition of an order of purchase of goods or services by a user through the website.

Terms of sale - these general terms of sale, which are updated periodically, including any subsequent written agreement with the buyer user, covering a whole range of rules to regulate the use of the website and the rights and obligations of users or buyers constituting the General conditions for the provision of services by electronic means.

Privacy policy -a set of rules to regulate the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy policies applied to users by "CoderTel", which is published, and periodically modified on the website.

Account -an account on the website for a user, allowing the user to use the services offered through the website and enjoy all of its features.

Article 2 - object:

The website is an online platform that aims to allow the sale of digital goods, for users or buyers. The website aims to facilitate the sale of activation codes related to games, downloadable online from the website in the form of a scanned map or code displayed in text format. Codes are the official key that unlocks a game entirely, downloaded in digital format on a download platform that has been provided by the developers or distributors of the game.


To explain our more services:


-online game products (for example gold coins, weapons, coins, points, etc.)

-keys and codes of game cards (codes or keys to access some online games)

-level-up services (for example the powerleveling, that is, the client is put in contact with the so-called professional players, who earn to the customer the passage to higher levels.)

-Sale of DLC and digital games:

The codes to download full games (on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live... etc.).

The DLCs (additional content), to extend a game experience or access new options.


Article 3 - Acceptance of terms

3.1 subject to any variation under the condition 3.5 below, these terms of sale are the only conditions under which the "CoderTel" website is ready to deal with the buyer user and these apply to the order with complete exclusion of all other terms or conditions of the user, of its agents or employees (including any terms or conditions that the user claims to apply as an acknowledgement or confirmation of an order or other document).


3.2 All the descriptions of the products and the services contained on the website or communicated by other means to all buyer users of these products are only approximate and cannot be part of the contract between "CoderTel" and the buyer user. "CoderTel" does not engage its liability to the user in case of error or omission on the website or of another ad for digital goods or other products sold through the website.


3.3 Each order placed by the user through the website will be deemed to constitute an offer of the user to purchase the goods subject to these conditions."CoderTel" has the right to verify the payment method as well as the addresses of billing and delivery of the user before accepting the order of the user. "CoderTel" will have to accept either expressly by notifying the acceptance, or implicitly by fulfilling the order, in whole or in part. Any form of acceptance by "CoderTel" will result in the formation of a contract between "CoderTel" and the user, governed by these terms of sale.


3.4 The user can purchase codes to activate games through the platform of the game. No order will be considered accepted by "CoderTel" before the availability of the ordered digital goods and the receipt of the corresponding user confirmation e-mail. "CoderTel" will attempt to notify the user in case of refusal of acceptance of the order by "CoderTel" using the email address or other contact information provided by the user with the order. Once the code has been validated, it will be considered 'used' once it has been accepted by the platform.


3.5 No term, condition nor specification - nor any similar formulation or document - approved, provided with or contained in the order of the user, cannot be part of the contract agreed upon confirmation of the order resulting simply from the reference to such document in the contract and the user waive any right relying on these terms that he might possess.


3.6 "CoderTel" reserves the right to limit or cancel any quantity of goods available for purchase for any order and for any reason whatsoever, and to change the availability or duration of any special offers at any time. "CoderTel" will have to fulfill the orders in accordance with the requirements of the user. In order to avoid any confusion, every arrangement is to satisfy such requests of the user


3.7 "CoderTel" and the user acknowledge to not rely on a statement, a promise or an assertion made or given by or on behalf of the other party that are not provided in the contract confirmation of order or in any confirmation e-mail; without for as much that this confirmation e-mail is a modification of the conditions of sale governing such a contract. Nothing in these conditions of sale cannot exclude or limit the liability of one or the other party in cases of fraud or misrepresentation.


3.8 The users shall pay particular attention to articles 6 and 7 below.

Article 4 - Protection of personal data:


4.1 "CoderTel" collects data from the client as part of intermediation and execution of contracts. In this regard, "CoderTel" respect, in particular, the provisions of the law on the protection of data and the Telemedia Act. Without the consent of the customer, "CoderTel" collects, treats or uses customer personal data insofar where it is necessary.


4.2. By registering on the platform of "CoderTel", the user declares to accept the terms of use and the privacy of "CoderTel".


Article 5 - Limitation of liability:

"CoderTel' cannot be held responsible towards the user or buyer or any third party for indirect, special, consecutive or punitive damage (including loss of profits, loss of savings or lost of business opportunities) resulting from or related to any agreement governed by these terms and conditions or transactions that he plans (for a breach of contract, damage, negligence or another form of action) and that "CoderTel" has been advised of the possibility of such damage or not.


Article 6 - Rules of use of the internet


The user or buyer accepts the characteristics and limits of the internet and acknowledges in particular: that the user or buyer is solely responsible for the use made of this information. Therefore, "CoderTel" cannot be held civilly responsible, due to an express or tacit obligation, responsible to a user or a buyer, in case of direct, indirect or consecutive damage associated with the use of such information; that he is aware of the nature of the internet, especially its technical performance and the response time for the consultation, information request or transfer; that communication by the user or the buyer of his personal data or generally of all information considered confidential by the user or the buyer, is under his own responsibility; that it is the sole responsibility of the user or the buyer to take all necessary measures to ensure the technical characteristics of his computer to allow him to view the information; that it is the sole responsibility of the user or the buyer to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software from contamination by viruses circulating through the web site.


Article 7 - Termination and refunds

Due to the digital nature of the keys marketed and sold through the website, the buyer user may submit a claim to the absolute condition that the purchased code has not been used. According to the law, the buyer user has renounced his right of withdrawal automatically as soon as the code has been used. If granted, the refund procedure can take up to 7 working days.

Article 8 - No derogation


8.1 The failure or delay of "CoderTel", of the user or the buyer in the application of a provision of the terms of sale of the contract cannot be construed as a waiver of his rights under the contract.


8.2 Any derogation by one of the parties in case of a breach, or a defect according to a provision of the contract by the other party does not constitute a derogation in case of a breach or a subsequent defect and cannot in any way affect the other terms of the contract.